domenica, luglio 13, 2008

John William Burgon: Petra


It seems no work of Man's creative hand,
by labor wrought as wavering fancy planned;
But from the rock as by magic grown,
eternal, silent, beautiful, alone!
Not virgin-white like that old Doric shrine,
where erst Athena held her rites divine;
Not saintly-grey, like many a minster fane,
that crowns the hill and consecrates the plain;
But rose-red as if the blush of dawn,
that first beheld them were not yet withdrawn;
The hues of youth upon a brow of woe,
which Man deemed old two thousand years ago,
match me such marvel save in Eastern clime,
a rose-red city half as old as time.

John William Burgon (1845)
... il bello è che quando Burgon ha scritto questa poesia a Petra non c'era ancora stato! Ci andrà solo 16 anni dopo... ma intanto l'appellativo di Città Rosa sarà per sempre collegato a Petra.

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